The Dynamics of Coastal Models

The Dynamics of Coastal Models
The 'Dynamics of Coastal Models' grew out of lecture courses and research projects in the US and Australia. Its primary purpose is to help students and researchers who have no prior knowledge of modeling in coastal systems. So, the book starts from elementary principles and works its way through to some more sophisticated applications.
The work 'model' now has a huge range of meanings. As used in this book it means 'conceptual and theoretical ideas' expressed either mathematically or numerically. The word 'coastal' is used to mean the 'coastal ocean' including bays, estuaries, reefs and lagoons. I have not included material on the continental shelf, or regional oceans, although there are occasional models for continental seas such as the 'u cubed upon h' law for seasonal fronts in macro-tidal seas. Use of the word 'coastal' is not intended to imply that I deal in any detail with 'near-shore' systems.
One of the most popular quoted chapters is that concerning coral reefs and coral reef hydrodynamics. Indeed the book contains much original material on roughness and modeling reefs which is still unavailable from most other sources.
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