Around the Weird In 80 Days

Around the Weird In 80 Days
When you've broken twenty-five of the USA's most absurd laws, what do you do next? If you're Rich Smith, you return to the scene of the crime, and then:
Vote for the King of the Hoboes at the National Hobo Convention in Britt, Iowa
Watch the convicts compete in the Prison Rodeo at Oklahoma State Prison
Expose yourself at the Amtrak Mooning in Orange County, California.
Bob for pig's feet at the Redneck Games in Buckeye Park, Georgia
Compete in the Annual Cardboard Boat Race in Heber Springs, Arkansas
Die twice a day at the Battle of Little Bighorn Re-enactment in Billings, Utah
Fire an AK-47 at the World's Biggest Machine-gun Shoot in Louisville, Kentucky
Join Rich Smith and his merry men (and woman) on their hilarious journey as they travel from state to state in search of the most bizarre events the Land of the Free has to offer.