How to Predict the Future: 3 Day Event DVD - Live and Uncensored

How to Predict the Future: 3 Day Event DVD - Live and Uncensored
Genre: mindset, economic | Also included: PDF (Booklet) | Author: Robert Kiyosaki | Language: English
Now you can unlock the secrets to predicting – and creating – your future! You’ll be spellbound as Robert Kiyosaki guides you through timeless insights on the future, inspired by Dr. R. Buckminster Fuller. Building on the wisdom of economic experts like G. Edward Griffin, author of 'The Creature From Jekyll Island,” and Richard Duncan, author of 'The Dollar Crisis,” Robert will teach you how to predict and prosper from the future of money. Hear live commentary by authors Griffin and Duncan during the event as Robert interacts with them by teleconference.
With over four hours of footage, this exclusive highlights DVD reveals strategies you can apply to predict the future and transform your life!
As you sample what the audience saw and heard at Robert’s most recent and most intensive 3-day event,
you will learn:
* How to predict the future by learning from past cycles and events
* The importance of the Mandrake Mechanism
* Introduction to using the PERT technique to design your future
The SOLD OUT 'How to Predict the Future 3-Day Event” was one of our most popular and successful live teaching events ever.* Here’s your chance to discover the mindset of the world’s great prognosticators and economic giants and learn to prosper from it.
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