A Narratological Commentary on the Odyssey

A Narratological Commentary on the Odyssey
Comprehensive commentaries on the Homeric texts abound, but this commentary concentrates on one major aspect of the Odyssey--its narrative art. The role of narrator and narratees, methods of characterization and scenery description, and the development of the plot are discussed.
The study aims to enhance our understanding of this masterpiece of European literature. All Greek references are translated and technical terms are explained in a glossary. It is directed at students and scholars of Greek literature and comparative literature.
'The author, a pioneer in the narratological study of Homer, provides valuable insights into many aspects of Homer's narrative technique...Students reading the Odyssey for the first time and Homeric scholars alike will find much of interest here.' Religious Studies Review
'Dutch scholar Jong is well known for her contributions to Homeric studies in he field of narratology. The present work ... has the virtue of being relatively free of specialized jargon and formulas, and it offers a glossary of technical terms at the beginning; the writing throughout is clear.' Choice
'this book contains a great deal of information that can be utilized by students of Home, and it does provide a fresh approach to reading the Odyssey and appreciating Homer's art.' - Odysseus Tsagarakis, University of Crete

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