CartoonSmart Code - iOS App Programming with Xcode and Cocos2d

CartoonSmart Code - iOS App Programming with Xcode and Cocos2d
Genre: E-learning
Learn to build an App, for whatever your reason. Got a killer idea for a game? Do you want to make an app to amuse yourself, your classroom, or your kids? Does your resume need a boost? What if you had a hobby that could make you money?
These are all great reasons to learn. Hundreds of students have already begun this course to better their careers or to simply make better use of their free time.
Your Instructor Made These...
Is this shameless advertising? No. We think it's important our students learn to build an app from someone who's been publishing them for quite a while. Unfortunately Justin hasn't been able to retire in his thirties from any of them, but the ones that are for sale, do consistently well. Tap an icon to visit that app in the store. Half of them are free.
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iOS App.Programming.with.Xcode.and.Cocos2d.part03.rar
iOS App.Programming.with.Xcode.and.Cocos2d.part04.rar
iOS App.Programming.with.Xcode.and.Cocos2d.part05.rar
iOS App.Programming.with.Xcode.and.Cocos2d.part06.rar
iOS App.Programming.with.Xcode.and.Cocos2d.part07.rar
iOS App.Programming.with.Xcode.and.Cocos2d.part08.rar
iOS App.Programming.with.Xcode.and.Cocos2d.part09.rar
iOS App.Programming.with.Xcode.and.Cocos2d.part10.rar
iOS App.Programming.with.Xcode.and.Cocos2d.part11.rar
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