David Harris, The Art of Calligraphy

David Harris, The Art of Calligraphy
For those interested in learning the craft of the brush and pen, this book provides a guide to each step. For the student of the hand-lettered script, it provides a guide to the development of calligraphy from antiquity to the electronic age. Every major form of Latin-based script is covered from Imperial and Roman hands, through Gothic and Renaissance scripts to Italic and Copperplate. Step-by-step illustrations and descriptions explain the construction of each letter, the correct pen-hold and pen-angle, the proportions of the letters, and how to lay them out on a page. Exercises supplement the basics learnt while examples of historical and contemporary hand-lettering provide inspiration.
YA-An attractive, oversized, well-illustrated introduction to a wide variety of written scripts used from Roman times to modern days. The detailed, practical instructions for 26 styles focus on step-by-step, clear visuals, as well as on the proper equipment-brushes, pens, pencils, paper, and ink. A brief history with examples from calligraphic masters introduces each style, making this book not only a practical working manual, but also a useful resource for art history classes.
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The skills and techniques of calligraphy are explained in a fine guide which details key elements of letter writing and uses clear examples to guide beginners. Lettering examples are done in different hues of color, which can emphasize textures and stylistic contrasts. One of the best beginner's guides available. -- Midwest Book Review