Sediment Transport: Flow and Morphological Processes ed. by Faruk Bhuiyan

Sediment Transport: Flow and Morphological Processes ed. by Faruk Bhuiyan
This book provide information on basic and advanced flow mechanisms including turbulence and movement of particles in water. Examples of computational procedures for sediment transport and morphological changes are given.
The purpose of this book is to put together recent developments on sediment transport and morphological processes.
1 A Sediment Graph Model Based on SCS-CN Method
2 Bed Forms and Flow Mechanisms Associated with Dunes
3 Stochastic Nature of Flow Turbulence and Sediment Particle Entrainment over the Ripples at the Bed of Open Channel Using Image Processing Technique
4 Stochastic and Deterministic Methods of Computing Graded Bed load Transport
5 Methods for Gully Characterization in Agricultural Croplands Using Ground-Based Light Detection and Ranging
6 Modeling Channel Response to Instream Gravel Mining
7 Modeling of Sediment Transport in Surface Flow with a Grass Strip
8 Clear-Water Scour at Labyrinth Side Weir Intersection Along the Bend
9 On the Influence of the Near bed Sediments in the Oxygen Budget of a Lagunar System: The Ria de Aveiro - Portugal
10 Environmental Observations on the Kam Tin River, Hong Kong
11 Unraveling Sediment Transport Along Glaciated Margins (the Northwestern Nordic Seas) Using Quantitative X-Ray Diffraction of Bulk (< 2mm) Sediment
12 Reconstruction of the Kinematics of Landslide and Debris Flow Through Numerical Modeling Supported by Multidisciplinary data: The 2009 Siaolin, Taiwan Landslide
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