Turbo Windows®: The Ultimate PC Speed Up Guide by Liz Cornwell and André Coolfix

Turbo Windows®: The Ultimate PC Speed Up Guide by Liz Cornwell and André Coolfix
Step-by-step manual for computer users with Windows. With this book, your sluggish Windows will become Turbo Windows and you will achieve the ultimate speed and performance gain.
This book will show you how to look after your computer. It will help you keep it healthy, tell you which things are better disabled than enabled, and which things are best left alone.
You will also learn how to upgrade your hardware and take advantage of the latest technologies.
Chapter 1 - Hope Is Good, Prevention Is Better
The Best Ways to Back Up Your Data
Configure System Restore
Creating a disk image
Back up to an external hard drive
Create automatic online backups
Chapter 2 - Is Your Hard Drive Playing Up?
Use Check Disk to Detect And Fix Hard Drive Errors
How to run Check Disk
Chapter 3 - Computer Is Slow to Wake Up?
Optimize PC Startup
Delete unnecessary startup items
Disable unnecessary Windows services
Chapter 4 - Get the Slow-Down Prevention Vaccine
Create a System and a Data Partition
Keep your OS and data separated
Redirect and move personal files to the new partition
Chapter 5 - Is Your Computer Becoming a Dump?
Clean Up Your PC to Improve Performance
Clean your desktop
Run disk cleanup
Schedule disk cleanup in Windows 7
Delete Temporary Internet Files
Uninstall unused software
Delete empty folders in Windows Explorer
Chapter 6 - Fancy Looks Come at a Cost
Optimize Windows Appearance Settings
Turn off wallpaper and disable screensaver
Adjust color scheme and visual effects
Remove desktop search bars
Disable gadgets in Windows 7
Chapter 7 - Maximize Your PC Speed
The Ultimate Windows Performance Tweaks
Check your CPU is fast enough
Prevent overheating
Configure power options
Speed up Windows boot
Disable GUI boot
Speed up Windows shutdown
Check running processes
Disable Indexing
Disable Windows sounds
Set processor affinity for specific applications
Change application priorities
Clean the Prefetch folder
Disable hibernation
Speed up file browsing
Disable Remote Differential Compression
Enable Direct Memory Access
Enable ReadyBoost (Windows Vista and Windows 7 only)
Chapter 8 - Need That Bit of Extra Speed?
Upgrade RAM and Configure Virtual Memory
Getting the right type of RAM
How to install RAM
Configure virtual memory
Chapter 9 - Time for Under the Hood Tweaks
Optimize Your BIOS for Top Performance
Access the BIOS
Configure boot order
Enable the Quick Boot option
Update your BIOS
Use AHCI (Windows 7)
Chapter 10 - Opening Files Takes Ages?
Optimize Your Hard Drive for Peak Performance
Compress files and directories
Defrag your hard drive
Schedule Disk Defragmenter to run automatically
Auslogics Disk Defrag
Enable advanced disk performance (Windows 7)
Chapter 11 - A Bicycle or a Ferrari?
Install an SSD for the Maximum Performance Gain
What is an SSD?
SSD benefits
SSD disadvantages
How to maximize SSD performance
Chapter 12 - The Latest and the Greatest
Keep Your Computer Fully Patched
Update your drivers
Chapter 13 - Is Your Windows Managed Effectively?
Cleanup and Defragment the Registry for an Extra Performance Boost
What exactly is the Windows registry?
Why you need to clean the registry
Registry defragmentation – the real performance booster
Chapter 14 - Slow and Bloated – Not a Good Combination
Speed Up Your Browser and Compact Your Mail
Set your homepage to blank
Manage your cache
Decrease the size of your cache
Disable ClearType
Switch off RSS feeds
Disable SmartScreen Filter
Increase the number of simultaneous connections
Configure Internet Explorer 8 and 9
Configure the connection limit via Group Policy
Configure connection settings with the help of Auslogics Tweak Manager
Configure the cache
Enable pipelining
Manage you toolbars and add-ons
Speed up your email client
Limit reservable bandwidth
Chapter 15 - Protect Your PC Without Slowing It Down
Configure Your Anti-virus for Maximum Performance
Select the Advanced user interface mode
Disable unnecessary components
Exclude safe folders
Tune up real-time protection
Schedule scans
Use Game and Laptop modes
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