Citrix XenMobile Mobile Device Management

Citrix XenMobile Mobile Device Management
Gain an insight into the industry's best and most secure Enterprise Mobility Management solution
Deploy and manage the complete XenMobile solution
Learn how to customize and troubleshoot your XenMobile apps
Step-by-step instructions with relevant screenshots for better understanding
In Detail
XenMobile is an enterprise Mobile Development Management solution with a multitude of technologies within it. It offers security and compliance in IT while giving apps and data freedom to users with mobile devices. The rising prevalence of mobile devices into corporate environments has increased the demand of Enterprise Mobility Management solutions, and XenMobile is one of the best tools to use for it.
This concise guide will help you demystify the XenMobile deployment and management process in a very easy way, covering a range of topics including implementation, management, and troubleshooting of related apps. The illustrations in the book will help you further relate to the scenarios discussed.
This book deals with the implementation, management, and troubleshooting techniques of the complete XenMobile solution. It kicks off with a detailed introduction of each component of the XenMobile solution and their role in the bundle. The next chapters deal with detailed pre and post implementation steps with relevant illustrations including remotely managing mobile devices and enrolling and revoking access on mobile devices. Later, you will cover the techniques to effectively manage mobile devices using the XenMobile solution like remote support, device enrolment, and so on.
The book concludes by showing you how to deploy some commonly known policies and showing the basic troubleshooting steps for known device management issues.
What you will learn from this book
Gain valuable insights into configuring, securing, and supporting mobile devices
Learn how to manage mobile devices entering corporate environments
Master how to secure corporate data using NetScaler Gateway Deployment
Familiarize yourself with the troubleshooting of mobile devices and XenMobile components
Understand why BYOD concepts are so important in this environment
Discover how to manage applications and package deployment through XenMobile DM
A step-by-step tutorial covering the specifics of mobile development management with a flurry of relevant screenshots for better understanding and practical learning.
Who this book is written for
This book is for professionals who want to familiarize themselves with mobile device management and who aspire to discover how MDM software is designed to meet the most complex and demanding mobile requirements when it comes to securing their mobile enterprise.