The Figure: Approach to Drawing and Construction

The Figure: Approach to Drawing and Construction
From previous attempts you may have concluded that drawing the figure is difficult. This book will show you how to reduce complex figures into a variety of basic shapes that are easy to master, helping you to reach your goal of producing lifelike drawings.Tested through years of classroom use, the principles stressed here bring clear insights into drawing the human form. You'll find a logical, step-by-step method for mastering the construction and proportions of all figure types.First the basic forms are analyzed - the proportions of the various parts and their relations to the total figure. You'll then learn how these parts are connected and how they move and find exercises in drawing the complete figure in any position, engaged in a variety of activities.Also included are detailed studies of anatomy - examining bone and muscle structure - plus special instructions for drawing such intricate parts of the body as the head, hands and feet. You'll learn:
How relative body proportions change at different ages
How bones and muscles affect the surface of the figure
How to create many types of faces from the same model
How different lighting angles affect facial shadows
How to select the most descriptive pose
'Concentrate on this basic form figure until you can do anything you want with it. Draw it in as many positions as possible,' Walt Reed says in his introduction. 'Practice of this kind will help train your hand and your mind in the proportions, construction, and relationships of the individual forms so that you will never forget them.'