American Religious History (Audiobook - TTC)

American Religious History (Audiobook - TTC)
Join historian Patrick N. Allitt in exploring the story of religious life in America from the first European contacts to the late 20th century.
Along the way, you learn the answers to two important questions:
  • Why does America, unlike virtually any other industrial nation, continue to show so much religious vitality?
  • Why are the varieties of religion found here so numerous and diverse?

The best way to look for explanations of this truly remarkable vitality and diversity, argues Professor Allitt, is to study the nation's religious history.
On the one hand, that study includes examining religion from the directions you might expect, including its formal beliefs, ideas, communal or institutional loyalties, and its styles of worship.
But Professor Allitt also examines religion's influence on life 'beyond the pews'—investigating the subtle but important links that have long brought religion into close contact with the intellectual, social, economic, and political concerns of Americans.
To give a notable and recent example: Professor Allitt explains how Martin Luther King, Jr., used a mixture of biblical references and appeals to patriotism to press the case for civil rights.
He also reflects on American religion as a sensory experience—a phenomenon whose deep spiritual and social meanings can in part be:
  • Seen in the design of churches, synagogues, mosques, and temples
  • Heard in the sacred sounds of hymns, prayers, and chants
  • Smelled in Catholic or Buddhist incense
  • Tasted, as you discover in learning why the casserole may be the most 'Protestant' of all dishes!

  • Major Features of American Religious History
  • The European Background
  • Natives and Newcomers
  • The Puritans
  • Colonial Religious Diversity
  • The Great Awakening
  • Religion and Revolution
  • The Second Great Awakening
  • Oneida and the Mormons
  • Catholicism
  • African-American Religion
  • The Civil War
  • Victorian Developments
  • Darwin and Other Dilemmas
  • Judaism in the 19th Century
  • Fundamentalism
  • War and Peace
  • Twentieth-Century Catholicism
  • The Affluent Society
  • The Civil Rights Movements
  • The Counterculture and Feminism
  • Asian Religions
  • Church and State
  • The Enduring Religious Sensibility

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