The Book Marketing Bible

The Book Marketing Bible
To all of you authors out there – congratulations on finishing your book! Now comes the hard part – trying to market it. That’s a daunting task especially if you self-published your work or are a new author. In fact, there were 391,000 self-published books released last year but the average SP author sells only about 250 books. 22% of self-published authors make no money at all from their books and 85% make less than $5,000 a year. Even scarier - there are about 25 million books published and for sale right now just on - your competition!
What does it all add up to?

In order to break through and get noticed you need a marketing plan that’s:
and efficient.
So I’m going to reveal the marketing plan that took me from another self-published newbie to an best seller.
In The Book Marketing Bible I share:
The 100 marketing strategies, tips, and techniques I used.
The #1 marketing activity to sell books.
Social media book marketing.
The shift in your mindset that will change everything.
Common mistakes book marketers make (and how to avoid them.)
The instant game changer to handle critics and rejection.
The secret to marketing your book.
This book will empower you to grow your audience like wild fire and ring up huge sales numbers!