Thom Marrion, The Book of Hod (Witchcraft RPG)

Thom Marrion, The Book of Hod (Witchcraft RPG)
Every night, in fact, you visit this Realm. While you dream, your Dreamscape floats in the clear, infinite ocean that is the Periphery, Hod's borderlands. But there's more to Hod than the Periphery. Much more. Break free of your Panorama, travel to the Garden of Earthly Delights, visit the First World, enter the sanctuary paradise called Shamabla, or discover the vast worlds coma victims like Otis Kline build within their minds. And if you feel really adventurous, explore the Sammael Gate, where the Mad Gods' Tainted minions edge their way into mankind's reality. If you dare . . .
The Book of Hod is a supplement for the WitchCraft roleplaying game. In it, you will find:
• A new Character Type: the Greater Gifted
• Details on three new Associations-the Ghost Dancers, the Society of Assassins, the Enlightened Masters-and two new Solitaire Groups-the Wizards of Oz and the Apoanu Apyabaiba
• An overview of Hod's Realms-Periphery, First World, Garden of Earthly Delights, the Domain of Morpheus, Plane of Ideas, Akasha, Shambala, Coma Kingdoms and the Wastelands.
• New Metaphysics including Baraka Sabil, Abhinja and Shamanism
• Background on the denizens of the Dream Realms-Nature Spirits, Ethereals, Morpheus, and even the Archangel Dumah.
Compatible with All Flesh Must Be Eaten, Armageddon, Terra Primate and all other Unisystem games.