Guided Blissitations - Meeting in the Heart

Guided Blissitations - Meeting in the Heart
Genre: Audio CD, Health | Author: Elena Brower | Language: English
Send an invitation to all aspects of yourself to gather in your Heart. In your heart is where you make space to welcome all the disparate parts of yourself back home.
Practicing this Blissitation, you'll set an intention to live from your heart more consistently, and strengthen your ability to be led by your heart.
The more you listen to this Blissitation, the better you'll be at treating your own heart with care and love, which will guide you to do that for others. You'll set the example and teach everyone around you how to treat you.
What You'll Get
This album contains four tracks to help you get your meditation on:
An introduction from on how to get the most out of your meditation.
A guided meditation that will help you tap into your inner wisdom.
A series of affirmations for a quick boost.
Those affirmations subliminally set to soothing sounds.