Architects and Architecture of London

Architects and Architecture of London
The guide explains why London is the way it is. It helps you link the historical and contemporary into a single pattern of significant places, spaces and buildings. It highlights old and new as a lively and vibrant pattern of on-going creative activity rooted in established urban patterns. It names the most famous and creative architects and describes their most notable buildings that you can visit and experience.
Above all, the guide makes London, its buildings, place, and spaces both meaningful and a joy to explore. London's greatest architects come alive as figures who still have something to say. And the works of its contemporary architects are seen to fit into a long established framework that is the underlying life and soul of a great city.
You can read about the role of the City and the West End, and the relationships between their ceremonial landmarks such as Westminster Abbey and St Paul's Cathedral. Find out how the Foster 'Gherkin' fits into a London-wide pattern of viewing corridors, the significance of the City's recent expansion and leap into Docklands at Canary Wharf. Discover the works of London's historic and contemporary architects, where you can find their buildings and how each one fits into the architectural geography of the city as a whole.
What the press said about Ken Allinson's London's Contemporary Architecture: An Explorer's Guide:
'Highly recommended . . . the book is crammed with maps and colour pictures with clear explanations about the design of the buildings.'
Evening Standard
'The perfect accompaniment to a walk around the capital.'
Homes and Gardens
* Links London's urban form to individual buildings to individual architects as 'local' heroes
* Easy to use guide in clear map based format
* Full colour throughout

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