Teamtreehouse - How to Market Your Business

Teamtreehouse - How to Market Your Business
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Marketing your business requires an understanding of how to communicate the benefits of your business to satisfy the needs of your potential customers. In this set of videos, we'll explore how to expand your reach and improve your messaging through various strategies such as social media, usability, SEO, video and email marketing.
Social Media
These days, it takes more than a great website to spread the word about your product or service. Social networks are ideal for growing your network and for spreading the word about who you are and what you do.
Usability Basics
Understanding the basics of usability can allow you to evaluate the effectiveness of your website. These best practices will help you create various website elements - from navigation to forms and even content - and identify existing issues, increasing the chances of presenting a successful website to potential customers.
Usability Testing
Testing a site doesn't only mean evaluating its design; it also means determining if the users on your site can accomplish the goals they have in mind when they arrive. Testing with this in mind can reveal fixes that go far beyond simple code changes; it can lead to fundamental improvements in the way you do business and make money.
Search Engine Optimization
SEO - or Search Engine Optimization - is vital to a business website's success. Understanding how search engines work and how to implement various search-related strategies will improve the value of your site and help get it found.
Email Marketing
Email is one of the most powerful ways to market your business online. It's a great way to keep customers up to date on specials, new products, and the latest news. With a number of powerful campaign management tools available online, even the smallest of companies can get involved.
Video Marketing
From no-budget to professional productions, video marketing can enhance the message a business is trying to communicate online. As video content becomes more accessible and expected by users, companies need to anticipate ways to use this medium to share information about products, services, and their sense of humor.
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