The Python Quick Syntax Reference

The Python Quick Syntax Reference
The Python Quick Syntax Reference is the 'go to' book that contains an easy to read and useguide to Python programming and development. This condensed code and syntaxreference presents the Python language in a well-organized format designed tobe used time and again.
You won't find jargon, bloated samples, case studies, or history of Hello Worldand computer theory in this handy reference. This Python syntax reference ispacked with useful information and is a must-have for any Python developer.
What you’ll learn
Variables, strings, lists, dictionaries andconditional statements are and how to use them
Some of the standard libraries and what they cando to help you
How to write your own functions
How to write your first Python program based onterminal Input and Output
How to use the Python Interactive Shell
How to use classes in your Python programs
Who this book is for
The Python Quick Syntax Reference is a great pocket reference guide for anyone wanting to program in Python, from the new user to the experienced programmer.