fxphd - NUK308: Advanced NUKE 8

fxphd - NUK308: Advanced NUKE 8
Genre: NUKE 8 | Language: English | Project Files Included
NUK308: Advanced NUKE 8
This new course is aims to offer a variety of different challenges for the developing Nuke artist. Focusing on projections and environments we will be tackling a series of different problems and utilizing the camera tracker, stills solver and meshing tools as well as a variety of other 3rd party tools.
Leading up to the course a variety of test footage, lidar scene and hdri photography has been gathered to give us a host of on set data to utilize. There is a broad course outline but it is subject to change as interesting and different problems present themselves throughout the term.
Russell Dodgson is Framestores' Integrated Advertising divisions 'Worldwide Head Of Nuke' based in London. His day to day work involves a mixture of on set supervision, comp and vfx supervising as well as a host of other roles. He has been working closely with the Foundry for many years now, often assisting in demonstrations and launch presentations.
class syllabus
Class 1: This week we look at a few different methods of stabilizing footage using tracking/re-projection techniques.
Class 2: Following on the previous class we take one of the shots we stabilized and develop it into a new, rebuilt plate. This includes tracking, retiming and reprojecting the shot, changing the camera move to suit our needs and then preparing it for further visual development.
Class 3: Continuing our aerial shot we add landscape adjustments, build rough projection geometry, and add smoke elements.
Class 4: This week we continue our aerial reprojection. The class is spent focusing specifically on tweaking and adjusting our projection geometry to create a good line up with our original plate and then creating our full res projection patches.
Class 5: At the half way point of this term we wrap up the techniques required to continue work on our aerial shot. This includes the model builder, sky replacement. more reprojection and a few more tips and tricks
Class 6: This week we take a break from our shot to look more at three of Nukes more 3d heavy features, the model builder, pointcloud generator and stills solver. With a focus on using nuke as a rough and ready, on set creative tool we look at how we can use these advanced tools to create lightweight previs scenes that can trigger off a number of post processes.
Class 7: This week we carry on with the topic of pointcloud generation and photogrammetry by looking at some 3rd part solutions to the same problem.
Class 8: This week we finish up our look at point clouds with a broad overview of lidar data and how we can handle it. This week is much less technique based and more discussion based.We take a brief a look at different tools for handling the data and how it compares with other photgrammetry solutions.
Class 9: This week we take our conversations about onset data capture to the field where we look at HDRI capture, set measurement and the sort of things we need in our shoot kit. We then prepare our HDRI's along with our reference photography.
Class 10: In this final class we wrap up our conversation from Class09 by taking a look at how we can use the information from set to inform out tracking process and assist us in trying to solve a multi-cam shot in Nuke. We also tackle the ever delightful topic of film back and lens equivalents.
Professor:Russell Dodgson
Software Version: v8
Original Run Date: January 2014