Java Advanced Training

Java Advanced Training
Topics include:
Installing Java on Windows and Mac OS X
Installing Eclipse
Using new features such as simplified generics
Working with advanced class structures (member, local inner, etc.)
Using the Reflection API
Navigating inheritance trees
Managing unordered and ordered sets
Peeking and polling with queues
Testing and error handling
Managing files and directories
Working with I/O streams
Next steps with Java
Introduction 5m 33s
Welcome 39s
Understanding what you should know before watching this course 1m 24s
Using the exercise files 3m 30s
1. Getting Started 9m 15s
Installing Java 7 on Windows 1m 39s
Installing Java 7 on OS X 2m 41s
Installing Eclipse 4.2 Juno 4m 55s
2. Java 7 New Features 15m 51s
An overview of Java 7 new features 3m 12s
Exploring the simplified use of generics 4m 17s
Using underscores in numeric literals 3m 31s
Using strings in switch statements 4m 51s
3. Using Advanced Class Structures 33m 2s
Using static initializers 7m 23s
Using instance field initializers 5m 30s
Using member classes 5m 25s
Using local inner classes 3m 20s
Using anonymous inner classes 3m 8s
Creating and using enumeration classes 8m 16s
4. Using the Reflection API 18m 27s
Using the Class class 4m 42s
Instantiating classes dynamically 8m 19s
Navigating inheritance trees 5m 26s
5. More of the Collections Framework 20m 33s
Managing unordered sets with HashSet 4m 58s
Managing ordered sets with TreeSet 6m 33s
Controlling list order with LinkedList 5m 12s
Peeking and polling with queues 3m 50s
6. Testing and Advanced Exception Handling 21m 45s
Exploring test-driven development with the assert keyword 6m 52s
Using the finally keyword 5m 40s
Using try-with-resources in Java 7 2m 35s
Defining and throwing a custom exception 6m 38s
7. Managing Files and Directories in Java 7 48m 44s
Using the Path class 7m 12s
Managing files and directories 7m 45s
Reading and writing text files 8m 41s
Walking the directory tree 7m 42s
Finding files 7m 45s
Watching a directory for file changes 9m 39s
8. Working with I/O Streams 17m 46s
Reading and writing byte streams 6m 58s
Reading and writing character streams 2m 35s
Using buffered streams 3m 19s
Scanning tokenized text 4m 54s
9. Working with Multi-threading 21m 4s
Extending the Thread class 7m 13s
Implementing the Runnable interface 3m 55s
Interrupting a thread 2m 43s
Synchronizing threads 7m 13s
Conclusion 37s
Where to go from here 37s
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