Microsoft SQL Server 2005 Unleashed

Microsoft SQL Server 2005 Unleashed
Microsoft SQL Server 2005 Unleashed offers comprehensive coverage of SQL Server 2005 that goes beyond the basic syntax and information you’ll find in the product manuals, providing in-depth information derived from the authors’ real-world experience to help you build upon your working knowledge of the product and take your experience and knowledge to a higher level. This book focuses primarily on the information needed by system and database administrators, as well as for users with overlapping duties as both DBA and developer. Included is extensive coverage of the new features and upgraded tools and capabilities of SQL Server 2005, including .NET Framework integration, Integration Services, Service Broker, Database Mirroring and Snapshots, and Reporting Services.
Detailed information on…
* Installing, upgrading, and administering SQL Server 2005
* Database maintenance, backup, and recovery
* Creating and managing tables, views, stored procedures, triggers, and user-defined functions
* Database and index design
* SQL Server query optimization, and performance monitoring and tuning
* Transactions, transaction management, and distributed transactions
* SQL Server Management Studio—NEW!
* SQL Server Notification Services; Integration Services—NEW!; Analysis Services; Reporting Services—NEW!; Web Services—NEW!
* SQL Server Service Broker—NEW!
* SQL Server and Microsoft .NET Framework integration, including CLR-based stored procedures, functions, and triggers—NEW!
* SQL Server high availability and SQL Server clustering and replication
* Database Mirroring—NEW!
* Database Snapshots—NEW!
* Using XML in SQL Server 2005
* SQL Server tools and utilities
Ray Rankins is owner and president of Gotham Consulting Services, Inc. and has more than twenty years of database experience. Ray has been working with Microsoft SQL Server from its beginning and was co-author of Microsoft SQL Server 2000 Unleashed and Microsoft SQL Server 6.5 Unleashed, both from Sams Publishing.
Paul Bertucci is founder of Database Architechs and has more than 25 years of high profile database consulting experience. Books he has authored or co-authored include Microsoft SQL Server 2000 Unleashed, Sams Teach Yourself ADO.NET in 24 Hours, and Microsoft SQL Server High Availability.
Chris Gallelli is the president of CGAL Consulting Services, Inc., and specializes in the areas of database administration, database tuning, and database programming using Visual Basic .NET. Chris is a co-author of SQL Server 2000 Unleashed.
Alex T. Silverstein is managing principal and chief architect for the Unified Digital Group, LLC. ( He specializes in developing enterprise-class software solutions powered by SQL Server and Microsoft .NET.
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