Mastering Leadership Series Vol 3 - Your New Dog - First Day and Beyond

Mastering Leadership Series Vol 3 - Your New Dog - First Day and Beyond
Genre: Dog
Now you can have dog behavior expert Cesar Millan, star of National Geographic’s The Dog Whisperer as your personal guide for developing a healthy, happy relationship with your dog. In this DVD series, Cesar shares his expertise on effectively eliminating bad behaviors including barking, running away, and aggressiveness. Cesar Millan is highly respected for his unique insight into dog psychology and shows us how we can lead our dogs to behave and obey through our own confident energy, body language and positive reinforcement. In this Mastering Leadership Series, Cesar gives you the tools to understand your dog’s instincts, and how use them to develop and reward good behavior. The result is a healthier, more rewarding relationship for both of you. Cesar helps three separate families, demonstrating the best ways to bring a new dog into their lives. Topics include 'How to select the perfect dog for you and your family,' 'Introducing a puppy to your household for the first time,' 'Indispensable advice on adopting dogs from shelters, rescue groups, and breeders,' and 'Selecting a dog that matches your energy.' Bonus features include puppy tips and teaching with treats. Volume 3 is for new dog owners and Cesar shows that owners need to get to work on the very first day. Cesar explains that no matter what breed you chose all dogs have the same behavior patterns. Cesar also offers advice on adopting dogs from shelters, rescue groups and breeders - all this information is important if you want to ensure a successful adoption.
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