Joseph Campbell - Inward Journey East & West

Joseph Campbell - Inward Journey East & West
Genre: Novels
Each cd contains one talk in a series of lectures that Campbell gave on comparative mythology between Eastern and Western traditions. He discusses the nature of myth, its characteristics, domain, uses, and meaning, among many other things. He distinguishes between the emphasis of eastern and western mythology and how they reinforce religious understanding in their respective cultures.
Campbell talks about eastern religion and mythology as supporting the idea that all individuals have the capacity and inherent characteristics of God, or the Divine Consciousness. In eastern religions, everyone has the ability to reach Buddha-hood, or Christ-hood, or God-consciousness. Whereas western religion and mythology externalizes the Divine, and access to its qualities relies upon belonging to a social group that is in relation to that God.
He also talks about the inward journey to the Divine, and how different cultures place different emphasis on this journey. He also draws parallels between experience of the Divine, schitzophrenia, and acid trips. He explains how these are similar and how they differ in great detail and insight.
Joseph Campbell (Author, Reader)
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