Spring in Practice

Spring in Practice
Spring in Practice shows you how to tackle the challenges you face when you build Spring-based applications. The book empowers software developers to solve concrete business problems by mapping application-level issues to Spring-centric solutions.
It diverges from other cookbooks because it presents the background you need to understand the domain in which a solution applies before it offers the specific steps to solve the problem.
About this Book
Spring in Practice covers 66 Spring development techniques and the practical issues you will encounter when using them. The book starts with three carefully crafted introductory chapters to get you up to speed on the fundamentals. And then, the core of the book takes you step-by-step through the important, practical techniques you will use no matter what type of application you're building. You'll hone your Spring skills with examples on user accounts, security, NoSQL data stores, and application integration. Along the way, you'll explore Spring-based approaches to domain-specific challenges like CRM, configuration management, and site reliability.
What's Inside
Covers Spring 3
Successful outcomes with integration testing
Dozens of web app techniques using Spring MVC
Practical examples and real-world context
How to work effectively with data
Each technique highlights something new or interesting about Spring and focuses on that concept in detail. This book assumes you have a good foundation in Java and Java EE. Prior exposure to Spring Framework is helpful but not required.
Purchase of the print book includes a free eBook in PDF, Kindle, and ePub formats from Manning Publications.
About the Authors
Willie Wheeler is a Principal Applications Engineer with 16 years of experience in Java/Java EE and Spring Framework. Joshua White is a Solutions Architect in the financial and health services industries. He has worked with Spring Framework since its inception in 2002.
Table of Contents
Introducing Spring: the dependency injection container
Data persistence, ORM, and transactions
Building web applications with Spring Web MVC
Basic web forms
Enhancing Spring MVC applications with Web Flow
Authenticating users
Authorizing user requests
Communicating with users and customers
Creating a rich-text comment engine
Integration testing
Building a configuration management database
Building an article-delivery engine
Enterprise integration
Creating a Spring-based 'site-up' framework

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