Principles of Filtration

Principles of Filtration
This book covers filtration in various modes of operation for both solid/gas and solid/liquid suspensions. It provides the necessary knowledge and background information to prepare and equip persons who are interested in serious filtration work. It is a useful reference/text for students and practicing engineers. It can also be adopted as an advanced text book for various engineering courses in chemical, environmental, mechanical and metallurgical engineering.
The book presents analysis and treatment of filtration processes employing different filter media operating in various modes for both gas/solid and liquid/solid systems.
Presents a concise overview of filtration enabling full understanding of the applications as well as theunderlying theoretical foundations
Presents filtration techniques in its entirety, i.e. gas/solid and liquid.solid separations and outlines their differences, coverage not found in any of the existing publications
Presents rational procedures for analysing experimental data in a clear and easy to understand fashion by students and engineers
Includes numerous illustrative examples enabling understanding of the underlying theory and selection of the most suitable solution for the particular application
Provides detailed filter parameters (efficiency coefficients) vital in the design of filters
Includes problems and solutions at the end of each chapter connecting the theoretical concepts with the practical aspects for engineers
Written by the top expert on the subject of filtration