Intermediate Optical Design

Intermediate Optical Design
This second volume based on Michael Kidger's popular short courses and workshops is aimed at readers already familiar with the concepts presented in Fundamental Optical Design (SPIE Press Vol. PM92). It begins with a sweeping discussion of optimization that is written with the user in mind, and continues with a unique look at the role of higher-order aberrations.
The book's key feature is its astounding presentation of a wide range of practical design examples, covering such problems as secondary spectrum correction, high numerical aperture designs, lasers, zoom lenses, tilted or decentered optical systems, and price and performance requirements. Each scenario is accompanied by an in-depth discussion that goes well beyond the ray aberration plot, including useful insights into an optical designer's thought processes.
- Preface
- Optimization
- Buchdahl Aberrations
- Synthesis of New Lens Design
- Lenses for 35-mm Cameras
- Secondary Spectrum and Apochromats
- Lenses for Laser Applications
- Microscope Objectives
- Microlithographic Projection Optics
- Zoom Lenses
- Decentered and Asymmetric Systems
- Design for Manufacturability
- Index

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