Swing Machine Golf

Swing Machine Golf
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Are you searching for the perfect golf swing or trying to learn the proper golf swing mechanics? How about trying to cure your golf slice or fix any other swing flaw? If this is you, Swing Machine Golf will give you a new lease on your golfing life! My name is Paul Wilson. I’ve been a professional golf instructor for almost 20 years. As you keep reading, you're about to learn how I went from being totally frustrated with my game for over 10 years, to having crystal clear focus on every shot. How I totally eliminated any and all guess-work when I went to the practice range. And, how I'm instantly able to cure any swing flaw in golf. Wouldn't it be great if you could do the same? Well, you can! Thousands of golfers just like you have already learned the things that I mentioned above. Now you can join them.
This includes the original book in PDF format over 4 hours of full swing video instruction and over 4 hours of short game instruction.
Here's a Small Sample of What You'll Discover in Swing Machine Golf:
- Learn how to cure all swing flaws using the 3 key elements of the Iron Byron.
- Learn the 3 fundamentals in every great golf swing because as the inventor of Iron Byron, George Manning says, all pros have the 3 elements of the machine.
- How to trigger your downswing to get you on the right swing plane. I don't just teach 1 downswing trigger, I teach 3 different triggers so you can use the best one for your swing.
- Learn specific drills that will help you re-enforce all 3 areas of the swing.
- Learn an efficient Swing. The inventor of Iron Byron choose Byron Nelson Because he had the most efficient swing which means that least amount of effort for the best result.
- How to practice properly on the range and at home ... most people do this all wrong and end up ingraining their old swing instead of their new one.
- How to prevent human nature from sabotaging your swing! Swing Machine Golf unlocks the mystery of why you have not been improving all these years!
- Learn specific feedback that will tell you when you're doing the Positions Right! Like I said, there is no guess-work with my method! No one teaches this stuff!
- How to take your new swing to the golf course ... and how to overcome performance hurdles like breaking 100, 90 or 80 for the first time.
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