Idioms in the News - 1,000 phrases, real examples

Idioms in the News - 1,000 phrases, real examples
For teachers, students and all who love language, this indispensable resource now has more than 3,000 examples of more than 1,000 idiomatic phrases. Click the cover for a preview.
Americans love to use idioms, phrases that are colorful and mysterious. Idioms in the News investigates how the 800-pound gorilla got mixed up with the elephant in the room. Learn what mumbo jumbo means and where it came from. Find out why greasing someone's palm may not be messy but may be illegal.
Every entry starts with examples, which give you a much better understanding than definitions alone. And there are entertaining notes on the origin and history of the phrases.
The author, Peter Bengelsdorf, is a former newspaper editor and executive. Idioms in the News was inspired by students in his English classes, and by the word 'hunker,' which no one ever uses except in the phrase 'hunker down.'