PHP5 and MySQL Bible

PHP5 and MySQL Bible
If PHP5 and MySQL can do it, you can do it too...
PHP and MySQL form a powerful team, and if you have some fluency with HTML, this comprehensive guide will have you creating database-backed, PHP-driven Web sites in no time. Along with the new features of PHP5, you’ll learn to install, administer, and use MySQL 4.0 in database design. From getting started with PHP to connecting HTML Web pages to MySQL, PostgreSQL, and Oracle®, you’ll find what you need to take advantage of all this dynamic duo has to offer.
Inside, you’ll find complete coverage of PHP5 and MySQL
Resolve common 'gotchas' with a series of symptom/diagnosis/fix patterns
Discover how to use PHP with Oracle and PostgreSQL as well as MySQL
Integrate PHP with Java™, javascript™, and XML
Use PHP to embed code fragments in normal HTML pages
Find out how the new PHP5 parser supports genuine exception handling and a more complete object model
Understand Zend Engine 2 and the new object model, with support for private/protected members, abstract classes, and interfaces
Install MySQL and learn to administer it successfully, including backups, replication, and recovery
Write MySQL-backed PHP applications
Learn from case studies how to design and implement a Weblog, a user identification system, and other applications
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