WebRTC Blueprints by Andrii Sergiienko

WebRTC Blueprints by Andrii Sergiienko
Develop your very own media applications and services using WebRTC
Create interactive web applications using WebRTC
Get introduced to advanced technologies such as WebSocket and Erlang
Develop your own secure web applications and services with practical projects
In Detail
This book introduces you to WebRTC and how you can utilize its open API. Each chapter covers a new concept of the technology with thoroughly explained code examples of completed applications to help you learn quickly and efficiently.
You will learn about the client and server sides of a WebRTC application in a practical manner, as well as how to implement data exchange between peers using the WebRTC Data API. The book also guides you through how to develop applications for desktop sharing and prerecorded video streaming. The book also teaches you how to use HTTPS with a WebRTC application and why it can be useful. You will also learn how to implement authentication in an application and integrate it with your own TURN server.
What you will learn from this book
Create video conference web services that work without installing plug-ins or additional third-party software
Use ICE and STUN to pass through NAT and firewalls
Learn how to create and use direct peer-to-peer data channels to secure exchange data
Build a cross-platform signalling server for WebRTC applications
Work with user files from javascript code using the modern HTML5 File API
Install and configure your own TURN/STUN server
Integrate your application with a TURN server using authentication
Make your application more secure and safe using HTTPS