Buns of Steel 8 - Pregnancy Workout

Buns of Steel 8 - Pregnancy Workout
Genre: Sport
Maintaining your current fitness level is the goal in this upbeat pregnancy workout from the Buns of Steel series. Fitness expert Madeline Lewis (in her third trimester, no less) smiles and chatters her way through a 45-minute low-impact routine. But low-impact, quite obviously, is not Ms. Lewis's typical style. This high-energy workout should appeal to anyone who enjoys the quick-paced repetition of basic or step aerobics. Following a 10-minute warm-up, traditional moves such as the grapevine, heel tap, and V-step get the legs in motion while the arms attempt to keep up with busy choreography. Fifteen minutes of aerobic activity is followed by about 10 minutes of toning; a modest but effective amount of tucks, squats, and bun-burning exercises is included. Unlike The Kathy Smith Pregnancy Workout--an excellent and comprehensive if slightly tamer routine--Buns will make you break a sweat. Heart rate and 'perceived exertion' checks help you determine when to slow down.
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