Tectonics ed. by Damien Closson

Tectonics ed. by Damien Closson
This book is restricted to the structure and evolution of the terrestrial lithosphere with dominant emphasis on the continents. The original scientific contributions highlight most developments in relevant domains. Advanced concepts on plate tectonics, the relation between tectonics and petroleum researches are discussed.
The term tectonics refers to the study dealing with the forces and displacements that have operated to create structures within the lithosphere. The deformations affecting the Earth's crust are result of the release and the redistribution of energy from Earth's core. The concept of plate tectonics is the chief working principle.
Tectonics has application to lunar and planetary studies, whether or not those bodies have active tectonic plate systems. Petroleum and mineral prospecting uses this branch of knowledge as guide.
Part 1. Gondwana History
1 Plates Amalgamation and Plate Destruction, the Western Gondwana History
Part 2. Tectonics of Europe and the Near East
2 Lithospheric Structure and Tectonics of the Eastern Alps - Evidence from New Seismic Data
3 Structure and Plate Tectonic Evolution of the Northern Outer Carpathians
4 Tectonic Model of the Sinai Peninsula Based on Geophysical Investigations
Part 3. Tectonics of Siberia
5 Siberia - From Rodinia to Eurasia
Part 4. Tectonics of China and its Neighborhood
6 Proto-Basin Types of North China Craton (NCC) in Late Triassic and Its Implication for Regional Tectonics of Initial Craton Destruction
7 Tectonic Implications of Stratigraphy Architecture in Distal Part of Foreland Basin, Southwestern Taiwan
8 Seismic Hazard in Tien Shan: Basement Structure Control Over the Deformation Induced by Indo-Eurasia Collision
Part 5. Advanced Concepts in Plate Tectonics
9 Lithosphere as a Nonlinear System: Geodynamic Consequences
10 Layer-Block Tectonics, a New Concept of Plate Tectonics - An Example from Nansha Micro-Plate, Southern South China Sea
Part 6. Neotectonics: Advanced Techniques of Investigation
11 The Role of Geoelectrical DC Methods in Determining the Subsurface Tectonics Features. Case Studies from Syria
12 Salt Tectonics of the Lisan Diapir Revealed by Synthetic Aperture Radar Images
Part 7. Tectonics and Petroleum
13 Mantle-like Trace Element Composition of Petroleum - Contributions from Serpentinizing Peridotites
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