Lin Lougheed, Building Skills for the New Toeic Test

Lin Lougheed, Building Skills for the New Toeic Test
Building Skills for the New TOEIC Test, Second Edition provides students with a clear, systematic approach to help you prepare them for the TOEIC test step by step.
Students will build skills for taking the new TOEIC test and the new TOEIC Speaking and Writing tests.
Students will learn and practice the business vocabulary used on the new TOEIC test.
Students will learn lest Tips—ways to choose the correct answer and avoid traps that can cause problems for test takers.
Students will learn how to manage their time while taking the TOEIC tests.
Students will take Practice TOEIC Tests, Practice TOEIC Speaking Tests and Practice TOEIC Writing Tests.
Students will improve their overall knowledge of English.
Organization of Book:
This book is very easy to use. Sections I through IV are the skill-building sections of the text. Sections I and II cover the listening and reading sections of the new TOEIC test. Section III covers the new TOEIC Speaking Test, and Section IV covers the new TOEIC Writing Test. There are two practice tests for each test, and there are complete audioscripts and answer keys for each.
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