Tim Cartmell - Ground Proofing

Tim Cartmell - Ground Proofing
Genre: Self Defense
This is the first instructional DVD on ground fighting techniques specifically designed for non-grapplers. For anyone interested in rounding out their stand up training with practical, easily learned, street fight oriented ground techniques, this is the information you have been looking for.
Even the most proficient 'stand up' fighter can slip, be thrown, tripped or dragged to the ground by a determined attacker. More than half of all street fights will end up with both fighters on the ground. If your training lacks the development of practical ground fighting skills, you are unprepared for the realities of a street confrontation.
GROUND PROOFING is designed to teach non-grapplers a systematic method of practical ground fighting skills that can be internalized after a short period of training. Complicated techniques and sport-oriented submissions are omitted in favor of defensive and counter-offensive skills that may be learned and practically applied after a minimum amount of training time.
The GROUND PROOFING DVD covers: The correct methods of falling safely:
Front Break Falls
Rear Break Falls
Side Break Falls
How to always come to the most advantageous defensive position on the ground.
How to get up correctly in every situation.
Escapes from all of the most common disadvantageous positions on the ground:
The Guard Position
The Side Control Position
The Top Mount Position
The Knee on Belly Position
The Back Mount Position
The instructional material is divided clearly into three sections for every situation and technique:
Exercises you can practice alone to develop the coordination, strength, flexibility and rhythm needed to execute the techniques under pressure.
Detailed instruction of the individual techniques and methods of efficient practice with a partner.
Examples of live sparring training for each of the techniques shown.
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