Edward Bleiberg, Arts and Humanities through the Eras Vol 1 - 5

Edward Bleiberg, Arts and Humanities through the Eras Vol 1 - 5
Over the last two decades the historical focus has shifted from viewing events in a simple historical context to a more integrative perspective. This set offers a multidimensional picture of primarily Western civilization, covering Ancient Egypt (2675-332 B.C.E.), Ancient Greece and Rome (1200 B.C.E.-476 C.E.), Medieval Europe (814-1450 C.E.), Renaissance Europe (1300-1600 C.E.), and The Age of the Baroque and Enlightenment (1600-1800 C.E.). Similar in organization to Gale's American Eras and World Eras lines, the work exposes readers to each historical period through the study of nine different arts and humanities topics: 'Architecture and Design,' 'Dance,' 'Fashion,' 'Literature,' 'Music,' 'Philosophy,' 'Religion,' 'Theater,' and 'Visual Arts.' Each topic area is treated in a different chapter, but the connections between topics are highlighted both in the text and through cross-referencing. The result is a broader and more inclusive picture of the culture of each period, emphasizing connections between, for example, religion, dance, and literature or between the visual arts and architecture.
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