Immune Response Activation ed. by Guy Huynh Thien Duc

Immune Response Activation ed. by Guy Huynh Thien Duc
This book is aiming to analyse the multifaceted aspects of the immune response, treating a number of representative cases in which the immune response is, on one hand, activated against pathogens, and, on the other hand, involved in pathologic settings, leading to allograft rejection, allergy and autoimmunity.
The regulatory mechanisms in which the immune response can be modulated for rendering its effector components more efficient and/or not harmful to the organism is also dissected in translational purposes in cancer immunotherapy, local immunity against bacteria and viruses, as well as in allergy and autoimmunity.
1 Cationic Nanostructures for Vaccines
2 Mollusk Hemocyanins as Natural Immunostimulants in Biomedical Applications
3 Manipulating Immune Regulatory Pathways to Enhance T Cell Stimulation
4 Negative Immunomodulators – Blunting Immunostimulation and Facilitating Infection
5 Macrophages — Masters of Immune Activation, Suppression and Deviation
6 Immunostimulatory Effects of Triggering TLR3 Signaling Pathway — Implication for Cancer Immunotherapy
7 Immune Regulation of Chlamydia trachomatis Infections of the Female Genital Tract
8 The Roles of Invariant NKT Cells in Bowel Immunity — Suppression of Tumor Progression and Rejection of Intestinal Transplants
9 Immunostimulation by Silica Particles and the Development of Autoimmune Dysregulation
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