TAO of Letting Go: Meditation For Modern Living (Audiobook)

TAO of Letting Go: Meditation For Modern Living (Audiobook)
Let Go to Reclaim Your Inner Life
Listen to this 6-CD set to learn powerful methods to let go of your tension, fear, anger, and pain. Calmly turn inward to awaken the great human potential in yourself.
Bruce Frantzis’ books, CDs, and DVDs are unique in their practicality and relevance to modern life. The Water Method of Taoism has been transmitted for thousands of years from teacher to disciple in an unbroken chain. The Taoist lineage to which Frantzis belongs is directly linked to that of Lao Tse, author of the Tao Te Ching, the second most translated book in the world. Now Frantzis shares these ancient teachings to help you move closer to feeling truly alive and joyful.
Disc One
Meditation Fundamentals
1. Introduction
2. Why meditate?
3. Overview of meditation
4. Taoist meditation
5. A new view of the world
6. Breathing and body awareness
7. Fire and Water methods
8. Body alignments for sitting meditation
Disc Two
Becoming Present
1. Becoming present
2. Recognizing tension
3. Recognizing strength
4. Something that doesn’t feel quite right
5. Recognizing contraction
6. Putting everything together
7. Breathing and meditation
Disc Three
Letting Go
1. How to let go
2. The dissolving process
3. What should I let go of?
4. Letting go internally and externally
5. Beyond past, present, and future
6. Dissolving practice session
7. Dissolving emotions
8. Resolving and using shock
9. Dissolving review
Disc Four
Fear, Fog & Greed
1. The 1,000 agendas
2. Fear
3. Dissolving fear
4. Fog
5. Multiple releases into emptiness
6. Deceptive internal dialogue
7. Depression
8. Greed
9. Expectations
Disc Five
Anger and Pain
1. Anger and frustration
2. Physical pain
3. The pain of thought
4. Emotional pain
5. The loss of a loved one
6. Other kinds of loss
Disc Six
Putting It All Together
1. Love and compassion
2. Anxiety
3. Perfection
4. The monkey mind and distraction
5. Distraction after clearing blocks
6. Always dissolve downwards
7. Feeling your energy
8. Review: four signs of a blockage
9. Meditation is a circular process
10. A liturgy to help you meditate

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