Dictionary of pure and applied physics by Dipak Basu

Dictionary of pure and applied physics by Dipak Basu
СRС Press | 2001 | ISBN: 084932890X 9780849328909 | 383 pages | djvu | 5 MB
Clear, precise definitions of scientific terms are crucial to good scientific and technical writing-and to understanding the writings of others. Authoritative definitions of more than 3,000 terms covering a range of pure and applied disciplines: acoustics biophysics communications electricity electronics geometrical optics low-temperature physics magnetism medical physics physical optics The editor has taken care to ensure each entry is as self-contained as possible, to include terms from the frontiers of technology, and to omit obsolete terms that can clutter a search.
Whether you are a physicist, engineer, mathematician, or technical writer, whether you work in a research, academic, or industrial setting, we all have the occasional need for comprehensible, working definitions of scientific terms
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