Responsive Design Workflows

Responsive Design Workflows
Topics include:
What is responsive design?
Understanding concepts like scaling and interaction mediums
Building a team and explaining job roles
Planning for color and typefaces
What developers and designers should provide
Setting client expectations
Working with a budget
Investigating design solutions
Hiring team members and contractors
Introduction 1m 39s
Welcome 49s
What is responsive design? 50s
1. Aspects to Consider 24m 2s
Looking at technology choices 6m 32s
Understanding scaling 4m 21s
Understanding interaction mediums 3m 28s
Planning for typefaces 3m 0s
Working with application states and nonlinearity 4m 19s
Designing with empathy 2m 22s
2. Job Roles and Communication 13m 59s
Exploring each role in the responsive design process 3m 13s
Designer, meet developer 3m 52s
Developer, meet designer 2m 27s
Working with clients, producers, and decision makers 4m 27s
3. Design Considerations for Developers 10m 30s
Planning your colors 3m 15s
Understanding typefaces 1m 48s
When in doubt, ask 2m 40s
Meeting with designers early in the process 2m 47s
4. Development Considerations for Designers 9m 59s
Understanding what to provide to developers 2m 5s
Working with pixel values 4m 0s
Testing 2m 12s
Meeting with developers early in the process 1m 42s
5. Client Communications 6m 32s
Setting expectations 1m 31s
Understanding budgets 2m 4s
Incorporating follow-up meetings 2m 57s
6. Design Solutions 7m 19s
Creating diagrams 1m 41s
Creating wireframes 2m 29s
Building a responsive style guide 3m 9s
7. Team Integration 4m 56s
Acquiring skills 1m 41s
Hiring staff 1m 35s
Working with contractors 1m 40s
Conclusion 1m 42s
Next steps 1m 42s
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