Weitzmann, Kurt, Age of Spirituality: A Symposium

Weitzmann, Kurt, Age of Spirituality: A Symposium
In 1977 The Metropolitan Museum of Art presented Age of Spirituality: Late Antique and Early Christian Art, Third to Seventh Century, the largest exhibition ever to focus on the period that spans the transition between the classical and medieval ages. In keeping with the didactic spirit of the exhibition, the Museum held a symposium in November 1977 to provide the public with a broad background for appreciation of this little-known field and to offer art historians the provocative speculations and conclusions of their colleagues. In addition to art history, the distinguished scholars who participated in the symposium discussed the theology, literature, politics, economics, and architecture of the first centuries of the Christian Era. With its treatment of this complex period in scope and depth, Age of Spirituality: A Symposium is an ideal companion volume to the comprehensive exhibition catalogue, published by The Metropolitan Museum of Art in association with Princeton University Press.
Appearing in this book are the nine papers delivered by the guest lecturers, as well as an introduction by the editor, Kurt Weitzmann, Professor Emeritus at Princeton University and, as Consultative Curator at the Metropolitan Museum, principal organizer of the exhibition.
Introduction / Kurt Weitzmann --
After Gibbon's Decline and fall / Arnaldo Momigliano --
Art and society in late antiquity / Peter R.L. Brown --
Constantinople: the rise of a new capital in the East / Hans-Georg Beck --
The imperial heritage of early Christian art / Beat Brenk --
A shadow outline of virtue: the classical heritage of Greek Christian literature (second to seventh century) / Ihor Ševčenko --
The continuity of classical art: culture, myth, and faith / George M.A. Hanfmann --
Christology: a central problem of early Christian theology and art / Massey H. Shepherd, Jr. --
Success and failure in late antique church planning / Richard Krautheimer --
Christian imagery: growth and impact / Ernst Kitzinger.
Hans-Georg Beck is University Professor of Byzantinology, L. M. University of Munich.
Beat Brenk is Professor of the History of Art, University of Basel.
Peter R. L. Brown is Professor of History and Classics, University of California at Berkeley.
George M. A. Hanfmann is John E. Hudson Professor of Archaeology, Harvard University.
Ernst Kitzinger is A. Kingsley Porter University Professor, Harvard University.
Richard Krautheimer is Samuel F. B. Morse Professor, Institute of Fine Arts, New York University.
Arnaldo Momigliano is Alexander White Professor in the Humanities, University of Chicago.
Ihor Ševčenko is Professor of Byzantine History and Literature, Harvard University and Dumbarton Oaks.
Massey H. Shepherd, Jr. is Hodges Professor of Liturgics, The Church Divinity School of the Pacific, Berkeley, California.
Kurt Weitzmann is Professor Emeritus, Princeton University; Consultative Curator, The Metropolitan Museum of Art.