Having spent 30 weeks on the New York Times bestseller list, Ralph Martin’s Jennie: The Life of Lady Randolf Churchill is the story of a girl from Brooklyn who became the toast of British society.
Jennie, the most fascinating and desirable woman of her age, was once the wife of Lord Randolph Churchill, and raised a son-Winston Churchill-who saved England from the Nazi onslaught with the only weapons he possessed-his magnificent oratory and his courage. Her paramours included King Edward VII of England and King Milan of Serbia. She later married two men, each 20 years her junior. A beautiful rebel, she lived and loved with an honesty that made her the toast-and scandal-of two continents.
“Physically beautiful, volatile, brainy, outgoing, with enormous vitality . . . Jennie well into her middle age hypnotized men younger than her sons. Down the ages men and women of wealth and secure social station have always flouted society and Jennie was one of their number.”
-New York Times
“Not only Jennie, but the world in which she lived, dance before the reader in magnificent display. . . . Written with such candor that one is spellbound . . . The best and most readable account possible of this fascinating woman”
-Book World
“The most vivid, the most detailed of biographies . . . a rich background of the late Victorian and Edwardian eras that saw Britain at the high noon of empire . . . a heroine of charm, brilliance and beauty.”
-New York Post
“Always absorbing . . . bright snatches of political gossip, social history and boudoir skullduggery.”