Intelligent Environments: Methods, Algorithms and Applications

Intelligent Environments: Methods, Algorithms and Applications
Researchers involved in the Intelligent Environment field are working towards a future where humans live in autonomous and adaptive environments; where public and private spaces are endowed with intelligence that enhances user experience and improves quality of life.
Each chapter in the book describes an example of intelligent environment, focussing on the artificial intelligence technique employed to create the environment. The book also introduces engineering solutions to the problem of understanding and modelling complex scenes via multi-modal arrays of sensors. This collection contains contributions from key researchers in the field. Topics covered include:
Ontology learning
Multi-agent methods
Multi-sensor fusion
Intelligent human-environment interaction
Advanced human-computer interaction
Conventional and embedded robotic solutions
Ambient representation and innovative sensors
This book will be of interest to graduate students and researchers in academia and industry wishing to learn more about ambient intelligence and its potential impact on society.
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