Money Making Blueprint by Eben Pagan

Money Making Blueprint by Eben Pagan
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Some of the topics:
Goal Setting And Money
• Goal Setting Doesn't Work Very Well Because...
1. Most people don't like setting goals in the first place
2. We don't live in a simple 'Cause > Effect' world - which is confusing
3. Success results from a COMBINATION of things set up in just the right way
A Weird Thing Called 'Emergence'
• Scientists studying complex systems, the way life works and the patterns in both have come up with a term that we need to learn
• The term is called 'Emergence'
• Emergence is the science of how a bunch of complex PARTS organize into a simple WHOLE
• Examples of emergence are things like ant colonies, tidal waves and HUMANS
HOW Emergence Creates FAILURE
• Just like money is an 'Emergent' - resulting from combining a specific combination of things, FAILURE is an Emergent as well
• Our current situations are the 'combined Emergent' of all the decisions and actions we've taken in the past
• You made each of these choices and took these actions - but you didn't know that it would have this result
• What decisions and actions created your current situation? And how would things have been different if you would have made different choices?
BY THE WAY: It's Not Money That You're After Anyway...
• The reality is that we're not interested in 'money for money's sake'
• We only want money because it buys us things and gives us power - which is about SECURITY
• What we REALLY want to learn is how to get the ability to get money ANYTIME WE WANT
• This way we have REAL security that LASTS
EXERCISES: What To Do In Order To Take Control Of Your Life
• In order to take control of your life and your money, you must start putting the 'conditions' in place to slowly get it back
• Start out by listing the 3 most important areas of your life that you feel the most out of control of
• Next, make a list of 3 action steps (one for each area above) to set up conditions that will allow you to have CONTROL of that area of your life
And many more at other Sessions...
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