Lift Application Development Cookbook

Lift Application Development Cookbook
Over 50 practical recipes to build web applications using Lift, the most secure web framework available
Lift made easy with step-by-steps recipes written by a developer for developers
Practical examples covering topics from basic to advanced levels
Learn to use Schemifier to automatically create tables and columns
Understand how to integrate Lift with other technologies and social media
Filled with task-based recipes to create web applications in a very secure manner
In Detail
Developing secure web applications is one of the most important tasks developers have to deal with. With Lift, it is easy to create solid and formidable web applications as it is the most secure web framework available today. The View-First approach and being able to handle things as purely data transformation, makes working with Lift an exciting task.
'Lift Application Development Cookbook' teaches you how to build web applications using this amazing framework. The book moves gradually, starting with the basics (starting a new project, submitting a form, and so on) before covering more advanced topics such as building a REST API and integrating your application with other technologies and applications.
'Lift Application Development Cookbook' takes you on a journey of creating secure web applications. Step-by-step instructions help you understand how things work and how various elements relate to each other.
You'll learn different ways to process a form, build dynamic HTML pages, and create an API using REST. You'll also learn how to work with relational and NoSQL databases and how to integrate your application with other technologies as well as with third-part applications such as Gmail and Facebook.
By the end of the book, you will be able to understand how Lift works and be able to build web applications using this amazing and exciting framework.
What you will learn from this book
Start a new web application using Lift
Manage and validate forms to handle data submitted by users
Build an application to create and maintain client data by using a REST interface
Use Mapper, an ORM system for relational databases, included with Lift
Use Liquibase to manage database changes incrementally
Integrate Lift and Akka
Schedule jobs using Quartz
Integrate your application with JMS queues
Use IoC frameworks such as Google Guice and Spring
Use social media to log in users
Fetch user data from social media
Lift Application Development Cookbook contains practical recipes on everything you will need to create secure web applications using this amazing framework.
The book first teaches you basic topics such as starting a new application and gradually moves on to teach you advanced topics to achieve a certain task. Then, it explains every step in detail so that you can build your knowledge about how things work.