Sh*t Girls Say

Sh*t Girls Say
'I've said 90% of the things on Sh*t Girls Say.'
-Every Girl Ever
'It's the new best thing. It may be our new favorite thing.'
—Perez Hilton
'In the age of quinoa gluten-free iced coffee sashimi hot yoga, thank God we have the 'girls' to keep sh*t real. But don't tell them I said that. They'll just totally pretend they said it. They're so jealous of me.'
—Stacy London, What Not to Wear
'This book on my bedside table makes me look like a reader.'
—Ali Adler, cocreator of Glee
'As a girl who says a lot of sh*t, I can honestly say I die for this book.'
—Abby Elliott, Saturday Night Live cast member
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