Viscorbel - The Tower

Viscorbel - The Tower
Genre: eLearning
The final scene and photoshop file are included with the tutorial. The scene was made in 3ds max 2014 with vray 3.0, but it should work in older versions of both programs as well (max 2011+) Although I highly recommend upgrading to the latest Vray for it’s speed gains!
Large scale projects like this high-rise building present a set of unique challenges.
- How to model everything efficiently?
- How to fill all the floors with details?
- How to model background buildings quickly?
- How to add people?
- How to add moving traffic?
- How to light rooms randomly?
- How to use render elements to composite a beautiful image?
… and so on
In this tutorial, I give you a demonstration on how I approach this subject.
Starting from a very basic 3d sketch, I transform it into a live city scene. Check out the image below to see the progression!