Google on the Go: Using an Android-Powered Mobile Phone

Google on the Go: Using an Android-Powered Mobile Phone
So you’ve got one of those hot new Android-powered phones? Awesome! Now, get the most out of it with Google on the Go! This friendly, easy book shows exactly how to use your phone to make your life more productive, more efficient, and more fun!
Making calls? Playing MP3s? Sending Gmail? Taking pictures? It’s all covered here—one step at a time, in plain English. There’s no faster way to master the great Google tools built into your new phone: calendar, messaging, web browsing, chat, Google Maps, YouTube, you name it!
Want to customize your phone? Here’s how. Need to troubleshoot a problem? No sweat: you’ll find easy, step-by-step directions. Whether you’re using the T-Mobile G1 or another Android-powered smartphone, this book answers all your questions so you can harness the power of Google applications and tools in the palm of your hand.
• Set up your Google Android phone fast!
• Quickly master phone basics, from speakerphone to call waiting
• Transfer contacts from your computer or another phone
• Add new Calendar appointments and reminders
• Make the most of your free Gmail account
• Take photos, and send them instantly to your contacts
• Watch videos and upload them to YouTube
• Find practically anything with Google Search
• Use Google Talk’s handy chat features
• Get directions and traffic info with Google Maps... even use GPS!
• Install new software tools and even start writing your own
• Fix the most common problems with service and hardware