Mountains of madness: a scientist’s odyssey in Antarctica by John Long

Mountains of madness: a scientist’s odyssey in Antarctica by John Long
JOSEPH HENRY PRESS | 2003 | ISBN: 0309501514 | 269 pages | PDF | 5 Mb
Mountains of Madness is a moving tale of science, exploration, and human endurance. It is the story of how real science is practiced in a unique and demanding setting.
Rather than a presentation of research findings, this book recounts what life is like in the field, where scientists come close to sacrificing their very lives for the sake of advancing human knowledge.
Like the polar explorers from the early 1900s in whose footsteps they follow, this team of scientists face the unknown and the unpredictable in the pure and simple quest for knowledge.
1 A Strange and Hostile Land
2 Of Heroes, Rocks, and Fossils
3 Survival Training: Tekapo, New Zealand
4 Arrival in Antarctica
5 Antics on Ice
6 A Very Good Christmas
7 Dry Valleys, Sand Dunes, and Rivers
8 Back to the Great White South
9 Cape Evans and Cape Royds
10 A Flight of Discovery
11 On Mr. Darwin’s Glacier
12 The First Worst Day of My Life
13 Dancing on the Gorgon’s Head
14 Up the McCleary Glacier
15 A Room at the Fish Hotel
16 The Skua
17 The Ascent of Mt. Gudmundson
18 Over the Mulock Glacier
19 Mt. Ritchie and Deception Glacier
20 Onwards to Escalade Peak
21 “I’m Dreaming of a White Christmas”
22 On the Snout of the Alligator
23 Long Day’s Journey into Night
24 Skating Away on the Thin Ice of a New Year
25 Working on the Portal
26 At the Crucible of Shark Evolution
27 Pick-Up Day Problems
28 Base Blues and Arrival Home in Australia
29 So Much for the Afterglow
30 Reflections from the Ice
Appendix 1 What I Liked and Disliked
About Antarctica
Appendix 2 Some Great Recipe Ideas from Antarctica
References and Source Material
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