Cryptography and Network Security

Cryptography and Network Security
Genre: Security related
Cryptography and Network Security by Prof. D. Mukhopadhyay, Department of Computer Science and Engineering, IIT Kharagpur.
Mod-01 Lec-01 Introduction
Mod-01 Lec-02 Overview on Modern Cryptography
Mod-01 Lec-03 Introduction to Number Theory
Mod-01 Lec-04 Probability and Information Theory
Mod-01 Lec-05 Classical Cryptosystems
Mod-01 Lec-06 Cryptanalysis of Classical Ciphers
Mod-01 Lec-07 Shannons Theory
Mod-01 Lec-08 Shannons Theory (Contd...1)
Mod-01 Lec-09 Shannons Theory (Contd...2)
Mod-01 Lec-10 Symmetric Key Ciphers
Mod-01 Lec-11 Block Cipher Standards (DES)
Mod-01 Lec-12 Block Cipher Standards (AES)
Mod-01 Lec-13 Block Cipher Standards (AES) (Contd.)
Mod-01 Lec-14 Linear Cryptanalysis
Mod-01 Lec-15 Differential Cryptanalysis
Mod-01 Lec-16 Few other Cryptanalytic Techniques
Mod-01 Lec-17 Overview on S-Box Design Principles
Mod-01 Lec-18 Modes of Operation of Block Ciphers
Mod-01 Lec-19 Stream Ciphers
Mod-01 Lec-20 Stream Ciphers (Contd...1)
Mod-01 Lec-21 Stream Ciphers (Contd...2)
Mod-01 Lec-22 Pseudorandomness
Mod-01 Lec-23 Cryptographic Hash Functions
Mod-01 Lec-24 Cryptographic Hash Functions (Contd...1)
Mod-01 Lec-25 Cryptographic Hash Functions (Contd...2)
Mod-01 Lec-26 Message Authentication Codes
Mod-01 Lec-27 More Number Theoretic Results
Mod-01 Lec-28 The RSA Cryptosystem
Mod-01 Lec-29 Primality Testing
Mod-01 Lec-30 Factoring Algorithms
Mod-01 Lec-31 Some Comments on the Security of RSA
Mod-01 Lec-32 Discrete Logarithm Problem (DLP)
Mod-01 Lec-33 The Diffie-Hellman Problem and Security of ElGamal Systems
Mod-01 Lec-34 An Introduction to Elliptic Curve Cryptography
Mod-01 Lec-35 Application of Elliptic Curves to Cryptography
Mod-01 Lec-36 Implementation of Elliptic Curve Cryptography
Mod-01 Lec-37 Secret Sharing Schemes
Mod-01 Lec-38 A Tutorial on Network Protocols
Mod-01 Lec-39 System Security
Mod-01 Lec-40 Firewalls and Intrusion Detection Systems
Mod-01 Lec-41 Side Channel Analysis of Cryptographic Implementations