Motion 4 Quick-Reference Guide (Apple Pro Training Series)

Motion 4 Quick-Reference Guide (Apple Pro Training Series)
Designed as a desktop companion for both editors and motion graphics pros, this is the perfect at-a-glance guide to Motion 4. Master trainer Jem Schofield delivers a crash course on how Motion thinks (groups, layers, objects, and behavior-based animation), and meticulously guides you through the essential techniques and tools for animation, motion graphics, visual effects, and 3D design in a concise look-up format. The guide also provides a great summary of what’s new in Motion including
  • enhanced 3D shadows, reflections, and depth of field;
  • the ability to “fly” a camera from one object to another;
  • ripple text characters on and off the screen with ease;
  • animate date and time sequences automatically;
  • Motion’s remarkable new linking behavior, and more.