Star Trek Memories by William Shatner Abridge with music

Star Trek Memories by William Shatner Abridge with music
Running time 4.5 hours | English | ISBN:0061092355 | MP3s | Abridge with music. | Publisher: Harper (July 1, 1994) | 70MB
Recall the glory days of the original Star Trek, with the audio that goes where no memoir has gone before...
Beginning in 1966 as something a little out of the ordinary for prime time TV, and suffering from shaky ratings throughout its entire run, Star Trek went on to spend the better part of the next three decades exploding into a worldwide, billion-dollar industry. How did this happen? What made the show so unique it spawned a devoted global following?
While many have attempted to tell the real, behind-the-scenes Trek story, the tale can best be told through the eyes and privileged perspective of a man who actually lived through it all. That man is William Shatner (a.k.a. Captain James Tiberius Kirk). Gathering his personal recollections along with those of Leonard Nimoy, DeForest Keley, George Takei, Walter Koenig, Nichelle Nichols, Majel Barrett-Roddenberry, as well as Star Trek's producers, designers, production crew and special effects wizards, William Shatner's Star Trek Memories is crammed with the backstage drama of the series' creation.
Filled with the heartfelt warmth and genuine fondness that can only exist between colleagues who've spent years together, through thick and thin, this recording of Star Trek Memories is the definitive reminiscence on the show that has become a true cultural phenomenon.
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